My Mom & Dad's home in western MD, has also become a home for a swarm of honey bees. The house is 99 years old, and the bees have entered in a crack between the chimney and siding. I have read, with interest, the replies to bee removal questions in this forum.

Because in these older homes with large open pockets in the walls, although the bees are entering at the chimney, they could have built the hive really anywhere inside. A dozen or so a day enter the inside of the house, and in the fluorescence light in the drop ceiling, a dozen or so accumulate each day. They swarmed inside this spring and then hundreds were throughout the kitchen.

Of the choices I read in here, the tearing off the siding is the least desireable, since that might require multiple entries before the bees are even found. We would rather not poison them if possible. (I have cleaned up the dead ones in the light fixture, and the smell in the vacuum of the accumulated dead bees is horrible. We have to just keep changing the bag. So thousands of dead bees in the walls somewhere does not sound pleasant, AND it seems a shame to waste the resource.)

The cone technique sounds interesting. If a beekeeper in the western MD area reads this and wants the bees via this method, please post a reply. They have been there about two years now, so from what I read in this forum the honey accumulated in the walls could be considerable, so the idea of a strong hive being used to rob the honey once the current hive is removed sounds like a good plan.

Open to any discussion. Look forward to your replies.