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Thread: Ick Mites!

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    I have 11 full hives now and two nucs for overwintering. Today we pulled honey from our "parent" hive (swarmed in spring and then we stole frames for nucs)
    There was some drone comb in the super so I said "good opportunity to check for mites" We cut the drone brood out prior to extracting and most of the drone cells had mites. Darn Mites!
    Where did they come from? My two packages? ( from Ohio this spring) My neighbor beekeeper? (3rd year hives that he treats in fall only and hardly ever checks)
    I did 24 hour mite drop checks on sticky paper about 3 weeks ago and only got a few ( less than 10 in most hives and less than 30 on subject hive) All on two deeps plus supers.
    So we powder sugared the hell out of them this afternoon. Pulled every frame and sugared on both sides damaged or removed all drone cells. Found the queen and kept her out for the sugaring maneuvers. Set them back hard- it took hours for them to settle back into the hive. I had the SBB in when we did it and there were lots of mites immediately after the powdered sugar. (worried about ants) then I removed it as things were begining to settle. Forecast is rain tonight which I hope will come and wash away the sugar residue.
    F'ing mites! should I pull the reamaing supers and feed with mint and then sugar agin in a week or so? (to get what is now in capped brood?)
    I'll be doing 12 haour mite drop counts on the other hivs tomorrow.

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    With that kind of mite drop, you will need to do something other than powdered sugar. I would suggest you try Mite-AwayII. If you continue with sugar it will take at least 3 treatments 7 days apart, and then do another drone cell check and if mite levels remain high, do another series of treatments again.
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    I agree with PJ. Some form of treatment
    other that sugar would be a good idea
    with that load.
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