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Thread: Early Drones?

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    This is only my second season with 3 colonies.
    2 of my colonies look 'normal' (whatever that is), building up well with no drones or even drone cells yet. The third colony also seems to be building well but there are several drones already and many proper drone cells around the edge of the brood nest (tops of combs).

    This seems very early for drones??
    Is it a sign of problems??
    The queen looks fine and the rest of the brood pattern seems reasonable.


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    I did my first leisurely inspections yesterday (ie taking time to look properly). Both hives had both a few drones and the odd queen cup, so I wouldn't panic. Looking at last year's notes I see I spotted the first drone on 29.4, and the consensus was that most people's bees were a month behind normal at the time. It sounds as though you've got a good strong hive there, so leave them to get on with it.


    Robert Brenchley
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