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    I have a feral hive in the exteior walls of a cabin on my property. It is 6 feet x 8 feet in size and I don't know the honey bee type. I would like to keep the bees for honey production. Any suggestions on how to relocate the hive would be appreciated.

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    This should help.

    Go to the search link here at beesource and type in feral removal, hive should find plenty

    Billy Bob

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    I almost feel flattered that you would use my old post as a source of information for someone else. However, since its more of a what not to do, well.....

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    Well, it depends a lot on the construction of the wall and how much damage you are willing to do and repair.

    Assuming you are willing to open the wall, you might wait until they are flying heavily. Then cut out all of the comb, framing what you can. When you return later that evening, they should all be balled up in the wall wondering what happened to their hive. You can vac them up then. Or you might place the framed combs in a hive and set it up near the old hive. perhaps they will start using yours, which you could then move one night when they are all inside.

    Alternately, you could use the "cone" method. But you should remove the honey at any rate if you intend to preserve the cabin. Honey, left in the wall, will cause it to rot in time.



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