Ok I have a problem and I am hoping someone can help me in the right direction. I am just starting out in beekeeping and I am looking for somewhere to put my bees. I have looked at farms that grow flowering crops but without any success as of yet. I talked to some local beekeepers and they said that 9 out of 10 farmers will let you put bees on their land well I guess I must be very unlucky. I am wondering if anyone who lives out this way may know of someone how is looking for bees or has a piece of land I could put my bees on. If anyone could suggest a way to approach this problem of finding land for bees I would appreciate it very much. I would put the bees in my backyard but the bylaws for delta do not allow honeybees for some reason or another. I have talked to my neighbours about the bees but I donÂ’t think it is a good idea to put my bees there.