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    I have four hives, recently I found it easier to put one big feeder a small distance from the four hives. This seems to work will as I find lot of bees use it and it is consumed quickly.

    Is there any difference than inside feeders other than syrub could be used by neighbour bees.

    Appreciate your feedback.

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    It can cause robbing done at the wrong time. It should be at least 100 yard from the bees to prevent this. I'd use a 5 gallon pail for four hives putting straw in it as a float. Also weak hives don't benifit from this as they never seem to get much syrup. So they must be feed internally. Also you may contaminate your neighbors honey in the supers with sugar syrup. Not such a neighborly thing. If they find out they won't be so happy either as you will have ruined there crop. So know your neiborhood before doing this.



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