Joelz wrote:

i am not losing any bees dear and cornell university does not teach a biological mite control because at this time there is no complete biological control, thats fact.

Yes, I already understand that you are using various dopes to keep your bees from dying. This is understandable from previous posts.

You are mistaken, as there there is a complete biological control for field management for control of parasitic mites and secondary diseases. Fortunately it does not involve petro chemical, it just involved honest field work.

You further wrote:
what bothers me is your dialog to new bekeepers that in a year or so will face the question as why there be are gone, read any of the last test results as published in the december issue of bee journal there is no complete control for mites, except yours,

Yes, I understand that even Cornell would like to teach beekeepers how to keep bees without usage of any dopes/crutches for parasitic mite and secondary disease control. Can you relate any, progress that has been made?

Yes, the December issue of ABJ painted a bleak future for continued chemical usage. The pesticide treatmill is hard. This is shown quite adequately here.

You further added:
my hive consitaantly produce double the pennsyvania average of 60lbs.and i understand your reasoning for censoring my replies, finally someone is questioning you.........
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I myself have not edited here, and I am glad you hives are producing double the Penn. standard from what you say. Question: Do you feed artificial feeds? Additionally, do you take honey and then feed syrup, etc for going into winter?


Dee A. Lusby