I have a very small hive (say one frame of bees) in my home. Understanding that
bees need to go outside for cleansing flights, I have provided a screened area
beneath the hive to represent "outside". The screened area is nothing more than a
1" rim with 1/8" mesh screen stapled to the bottom. The bottom of the box sits on an
inner cover - then the inner cover sits on this screened rim. The bees can go down
through the hole in the inner cover to get to the screened area. The whole thing is
elevated so air can pass under the screen. I have an inner cover on top of the box
with screen over the hole. The bees are inactive for the most part but must be going
"outside" from time to time as I have noticed poop and dead bees in the screened
area. It is pitch dark all day where I have the bees.

I would like to try to simulate spring time. Place small amounts of pollen patties in the
hive, feed sugar water, and move the hive to a lighted room.

Does anyone know if this will work? (i.e. will they start rearing brood) Is it too early to start?

John Bachman
Wausau, WI