The other day I was in the woods trying to get some sticks off a newly fallen tree for an upcoming hotdog roast. I stepped on a stick and felt a sudden sting on the inner aspect of my right knee. Then I saw the yellow jacket going for me again. Within 30 seconds I had blisters forming within 2 inches around the sting site. I hightailed it back to the yard where I got some plantain, chewed it, rubbed it on the site, then put a bandaid over the plantain so it could act like a poultice. Within half an hour all stinging was gone, and within one hour I couldn't even tell where I'd been stung. Great stuff, this plantain is!

So I have a question. If I got some plantain and dehydrated it and powdered it,do you think it would be as affective if I just added some spit and used it as a poultice that way? I'm thinking of leaving some in my car, purse or carrying it wherever I go. I have been to some yards--where they chemically treat the yards-and plantain is difficult to find then. Thoughts and suggestions?