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    Perhaps some of you professionals have seen this. I've kept one hive as a hobby for over eight years, replacing with nucs as needed every two to three years due to losses for various reasons.

    The hive wintered well (upstate NY around Saratoga), but died sometime in February or March. It was too late for me to order from my local supplier (Betterbee), so I thought I'd let it go for a year. Thursday evening, it looked as though the hive was being robbed, I had left some honey frames in and had been too lazy to remove yet. The next afternoon, an entire swarm came in and we got to watch the beautiful sight of bees acclimating themselves to the sun, etc. and doing housecleaning. Today is Sunday, and they're still cleaning away. I've put water out for them and am hoping for the best!

    Any comments are welcomed. It was a really cool thing to see.

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    I haven't been able to watch that, but I have had them move into my swarm traps, which were just five frame nucs (MDA plastic cardboard or wood). I did not get to watch though. Pretty cool that you got to see them move in.


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