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    I thought we were in a dearth. When I left on vacation a week ago the bees where just hanging out not doing much. Came back a week later and they had almost completely filled a second super. Looks like they are just hanging out again. The 24 hr mite count was higher..(12) vs a previous high of 3 mites. I usually only count after fogging with fmgo and thymol. I am wondering if they robbed out a weaker hive somewhere or if they just found a great nectar source while I was gone.

    Might have to go on vacation more often if that is how they act while I'm gone!

    Does it sound like robbing? And is 12 mites on my sticky board high for this time of year? I fog once a week religiously.


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    I worry more about trends and it is going up for you. 12 doesn't sound that bad, but it's three times what it was before.

    But, as you say, they could be picking them up elsewhere and bringing them back and the FMGO may be killing them. You could also do a sugar roll from time to time to get another count, the number on the bees, instead of the number falling off the bees.

    It's also good to have a plan, if they keep going up, of what you want to do.


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