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    This is my first year keeping bees. I am open to both sides of using chemical or not using them. What are the oils that I have seen mentioned here that I can use instead. I already use IPM bottom boards. One hive swarmed in late July and will need feeding. The other one has a hefty supply of honey.

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    This is from diseases and pests section.

    There are a load of different ways to apply or use oils. There is a section to FGMO you could check out.

    There is HoneyB Healthy, you might want to read up on, and there homemade versions of this using spearmint, wintergreen and lemongrass essential oils. Some folks mix their oils in honey and add to whatever else, and others mix in hot water that has lecithin granules dissolved in it.

    Essential oils get into the honey and will taste of the essential oils so this wouldn't be good to have on while they're your making your take......

    There's brood spray.

    Personally, I've settled on using oil patties made with olive oil and sugar for top of brood nest to prevent trachmites.

    And for mites and wax moths, I use vapo rub I get from the dollar store. I take out some of the product to make room for thyme essential oil, and camphor spirits, melt it together in the microwave for about 20 seconds, mix. I have cut flannel pieces of about 2 by 4 inches and drench in the solution, with a slight twist so as not to be too saturated, and place it open faced on the frames in the brood box off to the side, not directly over brood, and replace this every two weeks for two months.

    Some colonies will propolis over it and others don't. After about a week to ten days, mites are dropping dead to the floor. I have no wax moths either.


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