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    I have been a vegetable gardener for a number of years, and decided to start keeping bees as a way to increase my garden's yield (especially the melons). I purchased my hive kit from Dadant, contacted the State Dept. of Ag for permit, assembled and painted my hive.

    When I contacted the Village of Palatine, Illinois, where I live, I found that the ordinances regarding beekeeping are so restrictive, that I could not keep a hive in my yard.

    I still want to start bee keeping, but I am in need of a place to put the hive. I have been looking on the net for lists of farms or anywhere that might be looking for free pollination while I get up to speed with my hobby. Does anyone have any great ideas on how to find a local place to put my hive?


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    I can not help you personaly but my mom and new husband live in your area. Both are outdoor writers and maybe can help you out. I wrote them and told them that you will contact them.....Hope they can help you out.
    their email is
    Tell my mom that her som Jim sent you.
    Good luck with your bees !!!!!


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