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    Just checking around to see what wholesale prices are in your areas (please specify area). I live in Central Lower Michigan and take my honey South to the Jackson Michigan area; about two and one-half hours away. Wholesale prices are so high that it's almost not worth the extra time and effort for some side-liners to bottle for retail. I've hauled two drums in the past week. Both drums of honey checked 25-30 on the Pfund Scale (White). Last Saturday (9-28-02) price was $1.48 per pound (white). Today, Saturday (10-05-02) price was at $1.50 (white) per pound. Extra white is going at $1.52 per pound.
    With these prices, a beekeeper has $5.00 in costs alone in a 3lb. jar. ($4.50 for the wholesale price of the honey, and $.50 for the jar). Not to mention the time that it takes to put it all together.
    I'm definitely not complaining! Please share what the (wholesale) prices are doing in your area.



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    the last i heard that Drapers in Auburn Ne.
    were paying $1.39 per lb.for honey .
    i get $8.00 per quart and $3.75 for lb. jars
    and it is light clored honey (summer crop )


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