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    I have an opportunity to take few hives to North Georgia. The area
    somewhere around Helen, Georgia. The guy has about 6 acres, got a lot
    of apple trees and wild blackberries. My question is what is the best
    time to take the bees to a mountain area. I have never moved bees
    before but always wanted give it a try. What are the things I should
    be watching out for.

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    Hi Andrey,

    I'm just east of you in monroe Ga. I'm not sure about the exact time you should take your hives up north. Your best bet is to talk with your friend and get him to tell you a week or so before the apple trees and wild blackberries start to bloom.

    Don't forget to ask if you can use his land in july/august for the sourwood trees!...More like july. I'm sure I don't have to tell you the difference between sourwood honey and every other type.

    Billy Bob

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    Marietta, Georgia USA


    I just know that it has Light amber color, mild flavor and it cost more then usual. I had no idea that mountains of north Georgia rich in native Sourwood trees. If you do not mind pleas educate me more.

    Thanks, Andrey


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