I have a large kitalpa in the front of my house, it has been home to a large honey bee hive for the past 5 years. These bees are nice and have never stung anyone. Last year their hive was attacked by yellow jackets, it almost broke my heart to see the bees fight to protect their hive only to be bit in half by those nasty YJ's. I tried to help them out by stuffing cotton in a part of the tree that was a secondary opening. This seemed to give the bee's an edge, because they were fighting on 2 fronts and not winning. The hive survived the raid and the bee's seem to be doing fine. Now they have another villain to conten with, the neighborhood boys...They have taken an interest in the hive an have started pelting the opening with anyting round and hard. I've talked to the kids, but we all know how teenagers are. I have tried to find someone who will relocate the hive, but folks in my area are more interested in killing them. If anyone know's of someone in the "silicon valley" who can help, please respond. I love these bees and don't want to see them die. The hive opening is about 13 feet located in the "Y" of the tree. sorry for the long story, but ... these bee's need a little R.S.P.C.T -
thanks in advance for any help.