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    Hello All, I have three hives, two langstroth and one top-bar. I will harvest honey from the top-bar hive as needed, but for the langstroth hives, i would live to make trips to the extractor (which is at a friend's house about 30 minutes away) as little as possible... like twice a year or so. How many supers should i have for my hives? I live in westchester county, NY, which is about an hour north of NYC. I live out in the country, where there are many blooms year-round. I currently have two deep hive bodies for my hives, which will then be followed by a queen excluder, and then by two medium supers. Will i need more supers than this? This will be my first year keeping bees... they come in a week! I've seen many pictures online with 4 or more supers per hive. is this because they only extract once a year? would 2 per hive get me through a strong honey flow, after which i could extract and get ready for the next one? Or should i buy some more supers? thanks for the input,


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    I try to just extract once, but twice will work too. Hard to say. I've had a hive with six mediums supers on before. I've had hives that didn't fill two. There is a BIG difference between the high and the low end of the possibilities. Always better to have too many than too few.


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