I was out this last weekend checking the amount of feed in my hive top feeders and noticed that the one hive that I have been most concerned about was comming and going like it was summer! I introduced this SMR colony as a three lb package early this last spring and it took forever to get going. It had all year and it never did fill out the top hive body, that is why I am keeping an eye on it and plenty of feed. At first I thought that my nasty tempered Buckfast were robbing it, but they were not flying at all. I peeked inside and saw that they were ok but not feeding on the syrup. My Italian's were out and about by twos and threes, but those slow to get going SMR's were very active, and it was only in the low 40's! I had considered doing away with the Smr's because of the slow growth and poor output.
My questions: Is it common for SMR's to take flight in low temeratures, and do you also see the same slow growth and output that I do? Are you also thinking of requeening with another breed? Is there another breed that flies at even lower temps?
I will be off deer hunting starting Wednesday and will be back Sunday, thanks for your input!