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    I will try to say this nicely and ask a question at the same. Whats he trying to say?

    Human gods, dead beekeepers, USA pulls out of Kyoto, bees live on despite us, leaded gas,...... etc.

    I am referring to the "Think twice before medicating twice", post in the Point of View section, under Yoon Sik Kim. Is there a clear message in this scramble of personal/politics/emotions/blathering? I read the article twice but came away with the feeling I must be missing something.

    All the other point of view contributors have personal information listed and fine articles. Not in this case. Is this contributor some highly recognized bee researcher or what qualified him to write this?

    Am I the only one??? (I got more out of the topic heading than the article itself.)

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    I must admit I never really paid attention to this one before as I use no dopes and don't bother reading such info nowadays, which is why I usually don't give advise on any medicating practices I leave it for others. I think I came away with the same impression as you! I am of the non chemical approach but I find it to be a bit..........well I won't open my mouth. You've read it and can figure out what I'd say.


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    I must admit that I was surprised when I read the article you referred to. I also am a "non-medicating" beekeeper. No drugs in the hives here, but it's not because of a political cause I have or a mission that I am on. It's because I am an organic gardener, and prefer to keep bees the same way. Maybe I'm completely wrong about the author, but I would bet my bottom dollar that when serious illness strikes, it's science and techology that will be sought. Not God, the church, or Nature.


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