I have a question on demonstration hives that Iツ知 looking for a little help on.In 10 days I will be hosting a family reunion and having a number of hives on my property,Iツ知 anticipating many questions.I would like to set up a demonstration hive of gentle bees for those who are interested.My problem is that the main nectar flow is over,the fall flow hasツ地t quite started,the weather is hot and dry and my bees are slightly defensive.I donツ稚 want to set up a feeding station with 1:1 syrup as I still have honey supers on.My thoughts were to split one of my gentler hives,taking the queen,some brood,honey and pollen,install a feeder with 1:1 syrup,and move this about 50 ft.away from the other hives.I would leave at the original location the rest of the brood and the honey supers.My reasoning is that by shrinking the brood nest, the queen would be easier to find and the more defensive field bees would return to the old location.I would combine the two later,maybe with help from the audience if they were interested.Will this work and/or what else should I be considering.