Need advice...quickly.

Basically,I have 2 real strong(3 deep)colonies, that I was going to evenly split,I got mated queens Friday afternoon via overnite UPS.

I made a even split this morning(Sat.)BUT,the 1st queen skunked me,by the time I went thru all 40 frames the 2nd time,I was out of time, and didn't start the other split.

I left the split set up in front of the old stand and went back late looked at all 40 AGAIN,no luck.

I went back tonight before dark to listen to them but owing to my tin ear couldn't really learn too much from that.

But when I gave the hives 3 or 4 good thumps with my fist,one(that I think has the queen) made the usual quick buzz that died right down,and a few came out.

The other half didn't send up that quick little buzz,and was the only hive out of 9 that I thumped that didn't(I think this is my queenless half).

It was also the only hive that still had 5 or 6 bees crawling around at dusk in the yard.

A friend said he had heard that the bees in a queenless hive won't festoon(the original hive bees had been festooned that morning),and the 1st half was still festooned during my afternoon sesion(the same ones that buzzed),the ones that didn't weren't "festooned".

I thinking maybe I should recombine if I can't find her tomorrow.

Set up some nucs for my queens till I'm sure of whereabouts?

Anybody know any tricks?What would you do?

I'm sorry if this post is getting long winded,but I thought the background would help.