Ok, here goes.

I have recieved lots of bee equipment from a local guy who has kept bees for many years. Up here in Northern Maine, it is just begining our spring. My bees should be arriving tomorow or the next day. Anyway, I just now have had the chance to look over all the wooden ware i have recieved. One thing to keep in mind is that the beekeeper I got this equipment from kills the bees every winter. so....

A lot of the brood boxes has mold on the comb. is this ok?

Also- alot of the honey that was left in the brood boxes has seeped out and flowed down over the comb, making a terrible mess. Can the bees clean this up? It looks so bad, I cannot imgain anything wanting to live in it....makes me want to scrap it all and start from fresh. After looking at the magority of the boxes, I cannot imagin bees having no problem cleaning this up. The honey smells like fermented wine.

Also- One some of the frames is an orange powder. I cannot tell if it is pollen or it is some sort of mold spore. It is an orange/redish powder that looks like sawdust, and it is all over some of the comb.

Many of the frames are just all wet from the fermented honey. Can the bees clean this up with out getting sick? They beekeeper who had had bees forever tells me that the bees will not have a problem cleaning this up, but it does not look like I would want anything living in this. My natural reation is to tear out the infected comb and put in new......

anyone care to comment? thanks in advance.