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    I haven't got my 3 hives going yet , got to wait for next spring but i had friend that is a older fellow that i work with was telling me he got a few hives going about 5 years back and his health got bad on him so he lost all his bees and havent got anymore sense, he said that i needed to come to his house and see if i wanted any of his bee equipment , so i did, and guest what i bought for $500.00 >>> a 18 frame radial extractor (kelly) that he bought 4 years ago and only used once, then was in the corner of his shop stored. it might take about 5 years before i can fill it up but thats my first bee equipment that i ever bought , my hives aint here yet . lol backwards ha !!!

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    As I always say

    Better Backwards Than "NEVER"

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    Put the word out and do a little custom extracting. You can recover that cost and then some in short time. Plus it will help you "getting the kniks out" of the process when you have to do your own.


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