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    Hi there- I am looking for some ideas for science fair projects that would involve bees. I have a handful of hives and some interested first through 6th graders that would like to help. What better than getting them started now on a science fair project!
    matthew in moscow

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    Matthew My daughter did her science fair project last year on bees.. What she did was test the fact that bees are color blind to the color red. This was done by placing different colored pieces of cloth in front of the hive and recording how the bees reacted to it...
    step by step here's how she did it.
    1. counted how long it would take 50 bees to fly in and out..
    2 suspend a 18' square piece of cloth about 6 feet in front of the hive. Put it right in their flyway.
    3 Time and record number of bees that fly into the cloth. Use lite cloth to prevent injury to the bees.
    4 repeat the same thing for each color used.
    If you try this we found that not only do bees not see red but also seemed not to be able to see purple... Yellow was the mose visiable to them.
    If I can bee of any more help let me know.
    Jim Kuh Avon Park Fl.
    P.S. She suspended the cloth by useing 2 saw horses with boards attached upright on them and a piece of fishing line strung in between.. The cloth was then clothes pined on.


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