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    I am half way thru my changeover from an off-standard hive body/frame set up to a standard Langs size set up.

    Here's how I started;f=2;t=005132

    It's now been 6 days since the start (Tuesday last week)

    Now the bees in the bottom deep are building cells on the Pierco frames and eggs are appearing. A few drone cells are scattered around in the bottom and middle deeps, but way upstairs on the 3 level they are building wild drone comb.

    The bottom level looks like the checkerboarding that is being discussed, except the new frames are longer in every other position.

    If all the bees were corralled into the bottom 2 deeps all the frames would be pretty well covered.

    So I am thinking, the queen is in the lowest level laying eggs at a great pace. The second level is soon going to have all the brood hatched out, with and excluder preventing her from laying up there.

    My next step is to replace the second level with the langs sized box and frames and leave the short frames outside uncapped so they can scavange the stores, as they are doing now with the original short frames from the lowest level.

    If I split the hives and move the queen into the new, middle level, Lang sized unit, she would start to lay there and I think the now queenless bottom level would make queen cells and we'd be off with two colonies.

    I have a division board that could isolate the two after the split, to preserve heat... or set them up totally independantly.

    Too much stress all at once ?

    Too soon in the season ??

    What do the gurus here think ?

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    texas is a long way from canada, but my guess is yes to both of your last questions. my advice, go slow and one step at a time. trying to do a natural split when drone cells are still green seem a bit hasty. if you are going to think about making early natural splits then I would be thinking, feed early and often.


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