I was searching for plans on SBB and came across this. I had mentioned in some other post this was my interest, but now that I see it is actually a practice, I'd like fresh opinions on doing this from scratch; this is my first year, call my ambitious (or crazy, either will do J).
My present situation is I have 2 hives, each with one deep that I am in the process of adding the second deep to. These are new packages in second hand hives and I'm feeding them quite a bit to get the foundation built out, they are taking about a half gallon of syrup per hive per day.

Question is at this time of year, can I pull it off this season? Our winters are nothing like the majority of yours, most keepers around here seems to be able to get through on one deep and one shallow just fine. My vision is to build to 3 deeps and either 1 shallow or 1 medium for myself. I have about an acre and a half of crops getting ready to bloom and the hives are sitting right on the edge; mostly pumpkins, squash, beans etc.

I know lifting is sited as one of the issues, but at this point is a minor one to me. I'm in a rural setting and have no intentions of moving these colonies as long as they are viable, so it looks like I'm in good shape yes? Any words of wisdom for someone starting out fresh?