I have 1 russian hive ,1 Italian hive ,two starline hives ,1 tiger hive and just hived a buckfast package today.I've noticed the Italians get a little aggresive in the fall
but all of them are gentle .The buckfast did not like being hived ,I sprayed sugar water on them and dumped them in getting stung on top of the head.went to get suit on to finish the job- finished .Came back two hours later to check on them and they still hadn't calmed down and one of my new buckfast girls flew right to my right eye and stung me 1/2 from the eye ,and now I sit here with the right side of my face swelled up and wondering if it will still be swollen come monday morning
for work.None of the other packages were ever that angry .
have any of you noticed a difference between strains ,also they came from PA so I doubt
any african liniage