Hi all,

I've removed several feral hives in the last few years. The last one from a few days ago. I picked up a feral hive that had just started 3 days prior on a overhang of a house. They had already made some cone, but it was still bare of honey, and brood. The new/young feral hive went into the box with little truble. I found, marked, and caged the queen. The next day I released the queen, and put some syrup in the top of the hive.

Well the bees would have none of it. At the first break in the clouds off they went to a tree 100yrds or so away. So out I went, putting them back into the box.

What could I have done to keep them put? Should I have kept the queen caged longer? What about closeing the box up all together for 24 to 48 hrs, or putting a frame of eggs and brood in with them?


Billy Bob