I have a hive that I think has swarmed before May 2nd. I went into this hive May 2 and saw no queen, no eggs/larve. Just lots of capped brood. I added a rack of larve and eggs from another hive, May 3 to see if they would start making queen cells to see if they were queenless or raising a virgin queen. I checked the rack May 5 and saw only one cell that was started??????? With that info, I assumed that they had a virgin queen that hasn't started laying yet. Should they have started more than one cell if they were queenless? I checked this hive May 13 and still no queen or eggs????? I'm wondering if I should introduce a queen or give some time?
It's been at least 2 weeks since this hive has had any eggs laid. It is a strong hive and I hate to loose it. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Duane.