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    Just when you think you've got things figured out...

    My bees are about 1/2 regressed to small cell on a three deep hive(3rd deep is all foundation) I have. I have alot of different sized worker bees due to the frames being drawn out all screwy. I put new 4.9 foundation in the brood chamber occasionally to help regression and they're getting better, but still no good all 4.9 frames. Then I took a few frames to make a nuc, which got robbed out so I dismantled it. I returned the capped brood to the brood nest and the now empty honey frame to the middle of the third undrawn out deep. A week later and the frame is filling with honey and the frame next to it has BEAUTIFULLY drawn out the 'honey chamber'!! What the hey is going on...this is the first good 4.9 frame I've made(by far, this isn't a small step, but a rather drastic). I always thought the honey frames get drawn out a little larger than the brood frames. Just when you think you are starting to get things figured out...

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    In general, they get drawn out larger. But with foundation they may just follow the pattern.


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