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Thread: wild bees

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    I found a wild bee colony(?) I don't know which type of bee it is. They are grouoped up into 6 honeycombs attatched to a tall oak tree that houses my deer tree stand. the honeycombs are about 20 ft. from the ground. Other than relocating my treestand how can I work around or relocate all these bees? I can send pics if you need to see them. Impressive. Thanks!

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    There are several options, I think. Is your stand a shooting house ? Where you are enclosed ? If so, they probably won't be any problem to you at all.

    You can always track down a local beekeeper and I bet they would like to come get the bees and take them home.

    If the bees are just building comb out in the open, from a limb or whatever, then they won't make it through the first really colf weather you have, anyway, and your problem will go away then too.

    Just some thoughts.

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    It is too late into the season now to relocate the bees. They will not make the move and like it was stated before if they are out in the elements then they will not make it.
    As a fellow hunter how about getting a climbing tree stand and use that till next year? The advantages is that you can move around the property to another deer run that way if your spotted by the deer you can move to another tree and wait again. The tree stands are cheep enough and you can ask a beekeeper if he wants the bees next spring. Just my $0.02.

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    If your more than three feet from the hive just ignore them and they will leave you alone, esp. when it gets a little chilly, (<45),you won't even see them.


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