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Thread: Dumb and dumber

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    Thumbs down

    My first year of beekeeping, I was given some used equipment. Not knowing the history of the parts and not liking their condition, I was reluctant to use them. Eventually, however, I was forced to use some bodies to hold my syrup feeders on top of the hives. Everything was going smooth until the end of the summer when I started noticing some things I hadn't before. All of my hives had uncapped brood and a pungent smell. "Great," I thought. "I have foul brood." I was devistated. In trying to confirm my diagnosis, I talked to a number of other keepers who mostly shook their heads in worry for me. Some offered a little condolence. Perhaps the smell was from a particular honey source. But that's not my luck. However, on the way to a keepers' meeting, I smelled the same scent while passing a field. Goldenrod!!! Of course!!! But the uncapped brood, what about them? Dutifully, I contacted the bee inspector to be sure, and he promptly came out. Scanning the hives, he only had compliments for the condition of the colonies. But what about those uncapped brood? I was seeing the eyes of drone lavae before they were capped. I felt stupid, but releaved.

    Dutifully, I contacted the bee inspector who came out promptly.

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    Always make sure your pants are zipped when carrying supers. Thats all I'm saying.

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    This past week I was invited by the Blue Grass Beekeepers in Lexington, KY, to talk about the work that I am doing through Kentucky State University. At the meeting I also mentioned about the tour to South Africa that I am offering in Dec. Trying to assure everyone that they will be well taken care of, I said “ the Beekeepers wives will have side trips organized” A few indignant Lady Beekeepers stood up and in no uncertain terms told me that THEY were the Beekeepers. It was all in good humor but gentlemen, don’t make the same mistake. There are many fine Lady Beekeepers out there, and I respect you all the more for it. So, Lady Beekeepers who come on the SA tour I will arrange side trips for your husbands. LOL

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