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    We had a winter storm here in coastal SC at the turn of the year, so it's been cold. January 2 & 3 brought freezing rain and power outages for a couple days. Today it's all melted off and the high was in the 50s.

    The bees were visiting my camellias and gathering fresh pollen.

    The sun gets higher every day. Spring will soon be here...

    (Just have to pick on northerners...yeah we do get an occasional storm; it's mandatory that we have a week or two of winter, but it melts off fast.)

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    Post is one northener who cant wait for spring to get her so I can work with my Bees...Wouldnt mind some of those 50 degree days either. To be honest we have had a very mild winter here in central NY just under 20" of snow total which is about 100" short of last year at this time. I cant help but think that we will have a very dry year next year. Courious as to how that will affect my Bees ? ... Regards Rick

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    Don't you two wish you were in California, just a couple of days ago where my hives were it was 70 degrees, ahh bees were in the air ... the bees have been bringing in a lot of pollen. I don't know of any winter blooming plants except rosemary, does anyone know of any winter blooming plants that produce pollen? The down fall of the good weather is in the last three days it has been freezing.

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    My Calendar says Witch Hazel blooms this month in Arkansas. I haven't found any info on whether or not it is a source of pollen or nectar.


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