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    Greetings, I'm new to this forum and to beekeeping. I started this spring with two nucs, russian hybrid queen, and both have done very well. One of the colonies filled 2 deeps and 1 shallow honey super. I was not expecting to harvest any honey this year, as it's the first year for both colonies, so I don't have an extractor on hand, and don't want to purchase one at this point. So, any ideas for separating honey from comb, sans extractor?



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    Good job!
    I saw a tool somewhere and I belive it was used long time ago. Basically it is two peaces of wood and you press them together and squish you comb. You do not want to do this because you want to keep this comb and use it next year and get more honey. Best thing is find a beekeepers in your area and ask if they can extract it for you of course with your help and some kind of contribution. I know people in our association do it all the time.

    Good luck,


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