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    I got this idea from a book by Jacox and am very pleased with the results. Starting with the standard cowhide gloves - I prefer the non-ventilated ones - slit the stitching on the thumb, index and middle fingers back to the first joint. Just these three joints will give you almost complete tactile freedom. The bees will crawl across the leather, then across your bare finger and back onto the leather without giving any indication they noticed the difference. But they WILL place lots of stingers in the flesh side of the leather which is exposed!

    The details: At first, only slit half way because your finger will stick out more than you expect. Turn the now-loose inside leather flap back inside to partially close the hole around the finger; it is imperative that the bees do not have room to crawl in. The top flap must also help close the hole and this is harder to describe. Pinch the flap crosswise in the middle of its length with pliers or vicegrips. This will cause the edges to curl downward. After you get it worked out just right, mark it, open it up, apply contact cement and then repinch to secure it. Pay no attention to how funny it looks. You may have to sew the edges with a stitch awl to make it stay where you want it. In those very rare cases where bees may attack your bare skin, spray the fingers with OFF and they'll leave you alone. Dan

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    Hi Dan, I tried using leather gloves one time and got stung to many times so I took them off and pitched them. I use my bare hands and the only stings I get is when I accidently pinch a bee between my finger and the frame. After a while it ain't no more than a mosqito bite. Bobby

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    Dan, Have you tried surgerical<sp> gloves? I two tried leather gloves (new one) and got attacked. I am stll not to the stage of bare skin, so the thin surgerical<sp> gloves are working for me. Just a thought.



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