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    I have some friends that live in Point Roberts Washington who want to keep bees. I'm uncertain of how to get bees to them. For those of you unfamiliar with Pt Roberts, it's in washington but to get to it from mainland washington you must go thru the canadian border, drive for about 45 minutes and then go back thru a border back into the US onto a small pennisula. There is no way to get to it by car without going thru the US canadian border twice.

    If I'm correct there is no way to transport bees across the border. Does anyone ship just one or two packages? Would they even live?

    If anyone has any other ideas it would be appreciated. (I don't think anyone up there still has bees or I'd just get them to buy a split.)

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    >If I'm correct there is no way to transport bees across the border.

    At least not without a lot of paperwork.

    >Does anyone ship just one or two packages?

    Sure. Many suppliers do.

    >Would they even live?

    Probably. I'm not sure if they would mail them there or not or how they would arrive. But if you call some suppliers they might be able to answer that question. Try the ones in California for starters.

    There's a listing here on beesource

    or you can find many in the bee mags (Bee Culture and American Bee Journal)
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    I'd guess that domestic shipping to Point Roberts from another point in the US would not be subject to border inspection. So, I think U.S. mail or USP would be the best way to get bees to that location.

    As alternate Plan B, you might enjoy taking the bees by motor boat from Bellingham, Anacortes or the San Juan Islands. I'd be hard to beat the scenery, and there's the chance you might see some orcas!
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    Eris, have your friend that lives on Point Roberts or you, contact the Agricultural Department or authority of the County or Parish that is responsible for that pennisula of Washington. Ask them what they could do to help you. This situation is interesting! Also speak to the Canadain authority.


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