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    have two hives one has a lot of activity in bees are leaving and entering hive. the other has very little activity. Opened the hive to have a look it seems to have more bees than the other and they eat as much as the other both of them look good.. what gives

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    I am having this same problem. 1 hive has half the bees my other hive has and they have drawn out 3 or 4 more frames of comb than the stronger hive. I don't know what's going on. I have 3-banded Italians. Also on my stonger hive when I supered it, the bees went right up into it for a week and drew comb, then left for the last 3 weeks and won't go back in it. They all stay below the excluder.

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    bob, not sure about the wether in Canada, our honey flow started in N. Georgia a month ago. Have you tryed feeding pollen also? It may help triger the bees to start foraging.

    dawg, the excluder may be keeping the bees from taking the honey up into your hive. try removeing it. The queen will stay in the bottom as long as she has room to lay eggs.

    Billy Bob


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