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    I've read just about all the best book out there, I'm attending Bee School at our local Beekeepers Association and I've asked a bunch of people, but I am still confused as to where to place my hive in my yard. My Bees come next week, the hive is ready, except for the actual placement in my yard.

    Any help is appreciated
    With Loving Kindness toward all Sentient Beings

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    I'd think of your convenience as much as anything. The bees will do fine most anywhere. Think about the flow of bee traffic to the hive and if people have to walk through that.

    All other things being equal, I'd put them in full sun where you can get a vehicle right next to them.
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    Not that I expect you will have problems but when it comes to people unkeen about bees -
    "Out of site out of mind"

    A jar of honey goes a long way too.

    Happy beekeeping!

    Bob Nelson

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    Try to place them out of the traffic pattern. If you have a small yard and they are near the traffic pattern or near your neighbors line, you might try something I used years ago.

    I had a 5' block wall between my property and my neighbor and his ground level was about 6" below what it was on my side of the fence. My kids played in an area about 8 ft from the hives (8). I put a 4' screen of wire and a board about 3' in front of the hives closest to the play area. This screen forced the bees to fly up and over before the got to where people walked. They also flew up and over the fence and were climbing as they passed over where my kids played. My neighbor was 6' tall and mowed and worked in his yard every weekend. He did not know I had bees until I had to move and he saw me loading the boxes on a trailer out front. They had been flying over his fence for more than a year but always going high over his head. When they returned, the came in high and dropped just before they came to the hive.

    Honey does cure a lot of ills but bees flying into a neighbor's kid, even if they don't get stunk causes many problems you don't want to deal with.

    Az Jim


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