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    is it possible to breed bees in captivity

    if so what area would you need

    Im only thinking of this due to the drought
    most farmers have to travel with there bee for upto 900km a week

    more money apent then making money

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    I don't think it's practicle. The government bee labs are usually on an island where the bees can't swarm as far as the mainland. Because it's not that practicle. Maybe if you were only raising queens and you had an extremely large greenhouse and you had only a small number of bees, and a variety of plants that bloom at different times...

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    Drones fly to a congregating area, from what I read. That is where the queen will head. Personally, I think bees mate in the bee yard, but I am not a scientist. Studies had bee done, that shows bees not breeding in captivity.
    Now, the greenhouse idea. I have farmers in the area, that grow flowers, and they often ask me about that. I think, the flower is what atracts the bees, so the flowers can mate and produce seeds. I never saw there logic, but if asked again, I'll put a nuc in a greenhouse for a few months. I won't try to mate a queen there though. Also, the gene pool from drones would be severly limited in captivity.

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