I just returned from a visit to Romania for the wedding of an exchange student who had lived with us 10 years ago. While there I had the pleasure of meeting some beekeepers.

Even though we had quite a language barrier it was a wonderful experience. Beekeeping is very big, lots of honey for sale in the markets.

Along the road between Campina and Sinaia there were at least 6 roadside stands selling honey within a few kilometers. This is in the Prahova River Valley.

I took a few pictures which I wanted to share, showing the migratory bee wagons. They travel up and down the valley with their bees as the season progresses.
Romanian Migratory Bee Wagons

In Bucharest I met a beekeeper at the farmer's market near our hotel. He let me taste samples of all of his various honeys. The one that really stood out was "forest honey". "Padura" It is from the pine trees (as best as I could understand). It is a dramatic, dark and sharp tasting honey. He insisted on giving me a jar of it, and refused any payment. I have been enjoying it in my tea.

The Romanian name for bee is "albine" pronounced albeenay. The word for honey is "miere", or "miere de albine" (honey of the bee).

I hope to return someday and spend more time with them, perhaps visiting their hives. Because of the rainy weather and short time schedule I was unable to inspect their hives in detail. But check out the wagon with the numbered and various colored hives!

I was unable to communicate with them about mites. I used the word "Varroa" but they didnn't understand. So if anyone knows the Romanian word for mite please let me know! I hope they don't know the word because they don't have the problem!

But I do believe this is a country and people who have much to offer us!