Two days ago, there appeared to be a large swarm of bees leaving a hive that I had jut started in May from a nuc. However, they returned to the hive, and I assumed that although there had been a "beard" on the front of the hive, since the weather had cooled, and it was now late August, I needn't worry about swarming. Then, this afternoon, we discovered a VERY large swarm in a spruce tree about 10 yards from the bee yard. Witht help of a neighbor, we cut the branch down into a garbage can.Then using newspaper, we combined the swarm by placing as much of the branch, and bees, in an empty box on top of a weak hive.(We'll try to remove the branch tomorrow.) It was quite an adventure.
Has anyone had a "pre-swarm" similar to this? How cmmon is a swarm this late in the season?