I admit my hives are in a save, easy to get to spot. I have been talking to a few people for outyards for next year. They I am looking at the local flora. One spot has about 50/50 high woodland and soybean feilds. The Second is at the foot of the mountain and has alot of black locust and other hardwoods like poplar. This one worries me the most because if the locust do not hit it will not be a prime location. The third is real close to my dad's place where my hives are now(because of the creek it is about a 5 mile drive). I am thinking it is about 2 miles away and has alot of poplar along the creek but other than that it is cow pastures. The land owner wants them for pollenation of watermelon and pumpkins but will not pay for pollenation except with the use of a plot of land for upto 50 hives.
So if you only needed one next year which would you choose?
Second thought is try and get the locust bloom then move them to the pumpkin farm. The problem here is I may not be able to get help for the second move. But this will only be about 5 to 10 hives this next spring as my main yard is going to stay at my father place which is surrounded by nurseries with flowering pears.