What do larger operations use for uncapping tanks and straining? I'm talking on the order of 50-100 hives.

I've good a good 20 frame extractor that does it's job well, and plenty of 5 gal buckets and 55 gallon drums for storage, but I'm at a bit of a loss what to do for an uncapping tank and strainer at this size. Last year, my two strainers and 'hobby' sized uncapping tank couldn't keep up with the 1800lbs of honey harvested from far fewer hives.

Obviously I need to upgrade, but the uncapping tanks in the catalogs only hold 10 frames at around $300 plus shipping. And what would you use for a strainer?. The double sieves are too slow (especially if I try to strain more than 5 gal without changing the nylon cloth) and have the tendency to overflow If they aren't babysitted all the time.

A big system (automatic uncapper, etc.) isn't in the budget and shouldn't be necessary, and I really don't expect to have more than 100 hives max (and still keep my day job.) Any good sources for used equipment or rectangular tanks that might do the job?