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Thread: ReQueening Hive

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    I had to ReQueen two of my hive's this year for some reason they where Queenless about 3
    weeks ago now and I put in new Queen's on Wedenesday evening after I Got home from work they had just come in the mail that morning. There was no brood in either hive or new eggs before I put in the Queens. How soon can I get back into the hive's to see If the Queens are out of the cages and laying?
    I know a new package of bee's you should wait a week before going into the hive. The One hive seems to be still idle with alot of workers hanging around oneside of the bottom board. the other one seems to be fine workers very busy, and no clusters on the bottom board. Any thought on this would be very helpful this is my second year and boy seems like Ihave a hard time keeping Queens going for some reason.
    Thanks Kevin


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    Hi, Check to make sure your queen is released in 5 days. After that, wait 7 days before disturbing them. You should be good to go. Jim


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