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    I just hived 9 packages on various assorted frames. I had 1 super of permacomb so I teamed it with a super of wax foundation and called it a hive ...and installed my bees on the 18th. In the 12 days since, all the hives are doing well with 2-4 frames of capped brood. (WoW) The one with the permacomb super(on the bottom) had some brood in the upper story. These bees preferred to draw out wax for their needs rather than work the permacomb. That super is totally empty. It was used only as a hallway. I reversed them today. I'll let you know what happens in the next installment.

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    Although I am not a advocate for permacomb, in all fairness you didn't give it a fair trial. Bees tend to start at the top and work down, its how they build comb in nature. They may not have rejected the permacomb at all in this case, but simply selected where to draw comb strictly due to location.

    As well its always best to start small. You can very well get by with just a medium super as a hive body in the beginning, and you wll be doing your bees a favor by taking away the extra super until they can actually use it. They'll develop their nest faster because of it, and when they do finally need room, then stick the permacomb on it and see if they reject it or build it out.

    Personally I find myself in favor of foundationless frames and hives.

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    I have 20 frames of permacomb and am in process of ordering 60 more. I will install 2 new mediums for brood and 3 for honey. I don't think it's a fair trial to mix the two in a hive. I think the bees will tend to work the wax first. I think by installing a whole hive where the bees have no options, you could see if they use it or or pack their little bee-bags and leave.


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