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    I know that some companies will buy propolis but I'm interested in trying out some different ways to use this interesting "stuff". How do you clean the propolis to get out the gritty bits of tree and other environment stuff that has gotten into the propolis? It's either very sticky or very brittle.
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    It's soluble in alcohol, so I guess you could dissolve it in alcohol, filter it, then evaporate the alcohol. Kind of expensive unless you're just doing a small amount.

    I "grade" my scrapings, saving them in one of two or three separate bags, and use the highest grade for myself (e.g. propolys tincture, etc.).

    The best way to go would be to buy plastic propolis traps that keep most of the junk from getting mixed in with the propolis in the first place.
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    Dont do any cleaning yourself, the buyers dont want you to contaminate it before they buy it.

    What I have been told is,

    -dont use clorinated water to clean your propolis,
    -dump it into a container full of water, the wax will float, propolis not and all honey disolves
    -the rest is hand picked over, for paint chips, wood ect.

    They are real picky, so make sure you present them with a reasonable sample, that is if you expect to get paid
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