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    should i try and recyle very old brood wax if so could you please tell me how thankyou . steven

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    I try and melt most of it in a solor wax melter. What is left is the cocoons that are still full of good wax. I take this and put it into a stocking. Then put the stocking in a pot of very hot water (around 160 degs.). I let this set for about 20 mins. to get the heat into the wax. I remove the stocking and squeaze the wax out of it. Letting it drip back into the pot. Be carfull the wax will burn you, make sure and wear some type of protection. I use very thick rubber gloves.


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    This topic has come up previously with many good suggestions. You might try and do a search (within BeeSource) on: 'solar wax melter', or 'wax cleaning' or something similar - it would probably be worth your time to read these prior postings; like I said, there were many good suggestions.

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    I have rendered many, many brood combs. I plan on showing how I do this on my website but haven't got that far yet so will just explain. I use a 15 gallon barrel that has an electric immersion heater mounted at bottom. It has temperature control on immersion heater. I set the heater at 190 F. The barrel is filled 3/4 or do with water. Takes about 3 hrs to come up to temp. Then 5 combs at a time are tossed in. 2 minutes flip, then 2 more combs melt right out. Wires are left intact this way. I then use a wire crimper to tighten wires back up. Quick scrape down and ready to go again.


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    Last summer I broke up old comb and put it in a ratty old pillowcase that I was going to throw away anyway. I then lowered the full end of the pillow case into boiling water and held it for about 5 minutes or more. Once it started boiling again I turned the heat down so it simmered slowly. After I thought all of the wax was rendered I lifted the pillow case, let the bag drip, and threw the pillowcase away cocoons and all.

    When the stuff in the pot cooled I simply removed the wax cake on the top.

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