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    Last week I picked up a hive from a friend who who had been stung badly by his bees. The sting landed him in the hospital and I was landed with a new hive to add to my apiary.

    So, here is the problem...My friend had loaded his hives with all their honey supers (so early in the season) at least 5 honey supers were on the two brood chambers. I removed one of the honey supers onto a newly established hive that I began a few weeks ago.

    Over the last few days I have seen dark dusty "stuff" all over the landing board. It has rained steadily over the last week, but tonight I opened the young hive with the old drawn comb. All of the comb on the outside frames was well drawn and clean. The frames in the center were being cleaned up by the bees...several large holes were chewed through most of the frames.

    What should I do...remove the bees and replace the frames with new comb? Will these old frames and the detris hurt the bees? I will say that it appears that wax moth damage was part of the problem. I have yet to inspect the "adopted" hive, but as soon as we get a sunny day it is first on my list.


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    I've seen the same, in a hive recently acquired by a member of my Association. The comb was old and black, and some had been chewed right down to the midrib. What the bees would have done next I don't know as the hive was shaken down onto new foundation straight away. It would have been interesting to leave them a while and see. Does anyone know?


    Robert Brenchley
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    Some bees use the hole in the combs to go back and forth. Others fill them in with new comb often drone comb. I would pull the problem combs and put in new foundation render the old to make foundation ( I realize most don't make their own foundation). I like nice full combs that the bees can utilize, but they don't mind either way. Its your call.



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