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    I would like to start beekeeping, and I need some suggestions before I get started. I decided I'm gonna use the three frame observation hive,and it's got to be indoors so how do I harvest the honey?
    I was also wondering if you could suggest any books about beekeeping.

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    Hi Frenchy! I have been a beekeeper since April of this year, starting with two hives in my backyard. Last winter, I got hooked up with my local beekeeping club and went thru a beekeeping school that they had. It was a great way to pass the long winter and I got a real head start on learning. Once I got my hives and bees, I was in close contact with them for advice, as well as using this forum. I have made a lot of mistakes, but it's helped me with the learning curve. I've learned that reading about keeping bees ain't like really doing it. Check out Beekeeping for Dummies for starters. Good luck!

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    >I would like to start beekeeping, and I need some suggestions before I get started.

    >I decided I'm gonna use the three frame observation hive

    I would recommend an outdoor hive also. The observation hive will quickly get too crowded and you will need to take bees and brood out and put them in a hive.

    >,and it's got to be indoors

    Nice for an observation hive. Not so good for a hive. I've had hives in town for decades. Why don't you want one outside?

    > so how do I harvest the honey?

    You'll only have frames of mixed honey and brood. It's doubtful that you'll really have any frames of just honey to harvest from an observation hive. If you do, I'd just cut the comb out and squash it and strain it. It's not worth doing anything else, unless you want to try for comb honey, but, as I said, it will probably have brood in it.

    >I was also wondering if you could suggest any books about beekeeping.

    I'm a bit backwards in the way I recommend things. I think reality is pretty complex and any book that tries to simplify reality only misleads you. Personaly I would get a serious book and read it from cover to cover several times. It won't make much sense at all the first time through but it's like a child learning to talk. It keeps making more and more sense until the complexities of it start to make sense. But that's me.

    I read the Hive and the Honey bee several times and then ABC XYZ of beekeeping several times. ABC XYZ is a nice reference where the Hive and the Honey bee is better arranged to read rather than just look things up.

    Beeking for Dummies is popular.

    Here is a list of books:

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    This for some reason reminds me of an incident that happened a couple of years ago at a auction. It went like this....

    I was bidding on some used equipment that was rather old and beat up. The other bidder was someone I never saw before. He gave up around twenty dollars and I was the purchaser. Afterwards I approached this guy and asked him how long has he had bees. He said he didn't have any. I then asked what was he going to do with the old supers (boxes) as there were perhaps twenty of them. He then asked me "I was just going to put them in the backyard and wait for bees to move in. That is what you do isn't it?".
    I proceeded to mention the beginner course taught in the local area, the county clubs and even offered to show him the ropes for the afternoon if he was interested. He never did call.
    Alot of avenues out there. This is a great place to start. And they have some great books on this site in the bookstore section. I would say everyone has a favorite book, but 99% of the information is rather redundant. I have never bought one yet and not learned something.

    Good Luck.

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    As for just starting out I would suggest Beekeeping for Dummies. It really lays things out in "layman terms".



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    Thanks guys,
    I'llhave to find "Beekeeping for Dubmmies" thanks again,


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