Hi Group
I went over to the bee yard to check on 2 split hive I started back in april 15th,we've had some bad weather here in Ohio the last couple of weeks alot of rain and now cool temp's at night and through the day
frost last night and in the 50's today. I notice the too hive's the bee's where on the ground in front of the hive and to the side, just like they are resting before going in the the hive after a long flight. But they nevered moved, And there was plenty of bee's
returning from forging with pollen in both hive's so I'm not sure whats wrong with the bees not going into the hive but staying out in front of the hive.Also One of the hive's has brown streaks all over the front of the hive. Any Idea's would be of great help,this is my third year of beekeeping so I'm still learning.
Thanks Kevin